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The Ò40 Greatest Nature Photographs of All TimeÓ Ð
Images up for Auction in a Bid to Save the Earth.

Twilight of the Giants, Botswana 1989..African elephants at twilight, Loxodonta africana, Chobe National Park, Botswana.."During the year I spent living in the Okavango Delta of Botswana, I worked at night for periods of time, waking up at sunset to follow animals through the hours of darkness.  I often started the evening at a favorite water hole where I hunkered down by the edge and made myself a fixture in the landscape.  Elephants moved around me in the waning light like shadowy forms.  One evening a herd of bulls gathered across the water from me, rising above their reflections under an October moon, in a primeval scene of ancient Africa. ..Elephants move seasonally in and out of the Okavango and across northern Botswana, ranging over huge territories to find what they need to survive.  In an earlier era, elephant trails crisscrossed the entire African continent.  If you fly over the land, you see elephant trails, some abandoned, other still followed.  Older elephants pass on their knowledge to younger generations, and the matriarchs and old bulls know of places that are used as refuges in times of drought or stress--places that may be visited only once in a lifetime...What maps are carried in the minds of elephants?  Their epic wanderings over northern Botswana may be part of larger ecological patterns that go beyond rainy and dry seasons, years of drought and decades of plenty.  What elephants know lies on the fringes of our understanding, like the indistinct forms of animals in the night, moving just beyond the edge of human vision.  The existence of huge free-roaming herds of elephants in Botswana is a symbol for both the nature of this landscape and for the human decisions that must be made about the fate of wild places and wildlife both here and elsewhere on earth.  How we balance those interests will be the legacy of our time, the path we leave on the la

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